Iontophoresis Helps Cure Excessive Hand Sweating In 1 Week

If you are a fellow sufferer of excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis, you are probably searching very hard for a solution to stop sweaty palms. There are indeed many solutions in the market currently as millions are suffering away quietly from this embarrassing condition and even more choose to ignore it, believing that there is no cure for it. To find a cure, you first need to define the severity of your excessive hand sweating. If it is occasional and it works up more often and intensively in stress, you can probably predict its impending bouts and counteract it with over the counter antiperspirants, medicated applications directly on the palms. However, if your palms drip sweat, that is a sure sign of severe sweaty hands. Often, this condition is hereditary, and many had to live their entire lives bearing with the inconveniences and social embarrassment that comes with it. Here I will share with you one solution to your condition.

Iontophoresis treatment is a non-surgical, noninvasive procedure which has treated millions of sufferers of excessive hand sweating or severe palmar hyperhidrosis since it debuts more than 50 years ago. The benefit of this routine is that it has proven to give no side effects and is totally reversible in nature. The process is simple to administer as well. You simply soak your palms in separate trays of water and connect the device. Each session lasts about 20 minutes and you need to repeat the sessions daily for one week. You will have dryer palms at the end of one week. To keep the level of dryness, repeat one session every three weeks. And that is all there is to it.

If you should find the iontophoresis-machine a tad too expensive for your budget, fret not. Do like what I did and make your own. The gadget is a simple one and you could easily get all your materials from your friendly neighborhood hardware store for about twenty dollars. And I was pleasantly surprised to note that it functions just as well as the commercial ones too.

The fact that Iontophoresis is a totally non-surgical, non-invasive and reversible procedure makes it very safe to use as compared to the ETS surgery which 90 percent of patients subsequently develop compensatory sweating.